Hello! My name is Stephanie

Painter,  Pyrographer,  Phoenix.

Welcome to my little corner of the world, I'm so happy to have you here. Let me open a window into my life and process. I am an Artist and Mental Health Advocate. My work explores the wonders of nature and antiquity from the perspective of renewal and rebirth. Like the ancient Japanese artform of Kintsugi, where broken porcelain is visibly mended with streaks of gold, I am an Artist who doesn't shy away from life's breakages but rather I choose to illuminate them in beauty as messages of hope. For this reason, I regard much of my work as painted prayers.


Born in the North East of Scotland, I received my BA Hons Fine Art education in 2006 before exploring my passions and artistic identity further during my European travels; living for some years in Spain and The Netherlands. Since returning to Scotland in 2010, I have had the pleasure of exhibiting my work throughout the United Kingdom, cultivating a wonderful collector base and winning two prestigious awards. Not long after this, I had to walk through a five-year battle with depression. Although this season was challenging, I am always amazed to look back at the treasures revealed during that time; extraordinary people, inspiration and moments of grace and joy that lit up my landscape like stars. Since recovering, I have excitedly returned to the art world; full of purpose and strengthened with seams of gold.

In my artistic practice, I love to explore the natural world with renewed vision. My interest in the animal kingdom merges with my collection of books, antiquity and found objects. Ordinary scenes and objects offer up their pearls if we look at them carefully. Through my art I hope to bring you hope and beauty and to remind you to live courageously.


Winner of the

Pauline Fay Lazarus Award


Young Artist

of the Year Award


3rd Prize